Welcome! This is the home of my tank people OCs, where I keep their profiles and some info on their world. Read on to find out the most important facts in a nutshell.

What the hell are they?

Tank people aka turret heads aka tank heads are something I certainly didn't invent, but found a really cool concept so I adopted it and put my own twist on it. I've started drawing them back in 2016 and soon started coming up with some personalities and backstories for them.

Some quick facts:

  • ​Tank people are the reincarnated souls of destroyed tanks.
  • They retain the memories of their past “life”.
  • No, their cannons don't work.
  • They live among humans.
  • Sometimes their former crews are still alive; some tank people form a strong bond with them.
  • Only their turrets are made of metal, the rest of their bodies appear human.
  • After their reincarnation, if they are killed they stay dead for good.​
  • They can't eat or drink; they don't have to.

In-Depth Info

If you're curious and want to read further, there's more, rather detailed stuff I came up with. Check out the Lore page.


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I'M SORRY.....!

The King Tiger was the "triumph" of the German army in WWII, feared and deadly. Turret heads that used to be King Tigers are known for their pride. They are seen as majestic and powerful, sometimes arrogant, and they are well aware of their reputation, rareness and popularity. And then there's Kai. Kai is very different from his kin. Nice, humble, certainly awkward - he is nothing like other King Tigers.

Kai just wants to live a peaceful, pacifist life and tries to avoid conflicts. Often, he is approached by strangers due to his origin, but people's interest in him usually vanishes the moment they actually get to know him. This doesn't particularly bother him, since he would rather not be the center of attention. Those who actually befriend him though value his easygoing nature and loyalty.

He would never intentionally hurt anyone and always tries to help people in every way he can; even though he is usually not able to find the right words to comfort others, he is a great listener. Others sometimes exploit his kindness, but when he catches on he makes sure not to trust them anymore. Despite this, he doesn't hold grudges and generally assumes that people have good intentions.


Date of Rebirth 13th Aug 2014
Birthplace Dessau, Germany
Residence Berlin, Germany
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Single
Height 1.87m (6'1'')
Languages German (native), English (poorly)


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The paint on his turret is a bit worn and chipped, since he hasn't completely repainted it even once yet. He only removed the cross and turret number since he doesn't want to be associated with his past.

He is tall and well-built, but usually his physique is hidden by his clothes.


He likes to wear casual clothes such as baggy sweaters and wide shirts - basically whatever somewhat fits him - and wears them until they fall apart. Since he has no fashion sense whatsoever, his outfits tend to be mismatched at best, although he learned by now not to pick the most garish combinations.


  • Originally, he was going to be a really badass and mysterious dude, but then I changed my mind and made him an awkward potato instead.
  • Got into a physical fight once and totally kicked the guy's ass. Kai apologized afterwards.
  • Wants to see the world one day.
  • Wishes he could eat food, and suffers everytime he watches other people cook and eat.
  • Not actively looking for a relationship but open to the possibility of one.
  • Used to visit the local library a lot but stopped by now because he already read all their advice books.
  • Really beats himself up over messing things up.
  • Decided on a buddhist way of life early on and has been devoted to these beliefs since then. But he doesn't try to "convert" people or flaunt his convictions.
  • His beliefs are very personal to him; he is trying to come to terms with his past as a tool of war.
  • Aware that he had no say in his fate, though. Partly, he is trying to make up for his crew's deeds as well.
  • Believes that being reborn as a turret head is the punishment for his previous life and hopes to amass enough good karma to become a human in his next reincarnation.


Part of an SS unit, the King Tiger was supposed to go to Berlin to fight there in April 1945, but on the way his unit ran into the Allies. After a chaotic battle, his crew was considered dead, their tank supposedly destroyed. But actually, they had survived but simply gotten lost. Their unit marched on without them while they tried to find their way to Berlin on their own but ended up in Dessau instead.

The unit that was stationed there kept them to support them against the allied attacks on the city. The King Tiger and his crew fought there for a half month. During that time, they met a tank they had never seen before - a Super Pershing. They promptly destroyed it. Managing to fight back against the Allies for a couple more days, they were eventually defeated after an airstrike that also destroyed the King Tiger.

He was reborn in 2014 in the same city, but didn't stay there for long as he was made to move to Berlin, where he was provided with temporary housing. Being a popular tank, several associations were interested in taking him in, and he was about to agree to joining one of them when a woman who claimed to be the daughter of his driver contacted him. She offered him to live with her, and he gladly accepted. Things were fine at first, but after a while, his host started getting very affectionate in a way that made Kai quite uncomfortable. He didn't do anything about it until one day she got way too close and he packed his things and got the hell out of there.

Living on the streets for a couple of weeks, he realized how isolated he had been. He didn't have any friends that could have helped him out. Also, he now saw misery that he hadn't known about before. Not knowing what else he should do, he turned to the associations again and joined one of them, which gave him a home and income again, but as the months passed, he started feeling guilty about living a sheltered life while others had to be homeless. It was around this time when he found his new beliefs, mostly by stumbling upon resources on Buddhism by coincidence. He decided to leave the association and started working at a soup kitchen.

Since he doesn't have a lot of money due to only volunteering instead of working a paying job, he can't afford a flat or many possessions, but doesn't mind. He lives with whoever offers him a home at the time and only buys new things when it's really necessary. His priority isn't wealth or success, he just wants to help those who suffer and make the world a better place.


Whoa, didn't expect you here. Hi. Let me just put on some clothes and then let's go down that rabbit hole, shall we?


Their bodies are made of flesh and bone as well and - except for the head - look identical to that of a regular human. All sexes, ethnicities, and body types occur. Typically, the sex appears to be random, while the ethnicity matches the population of the tank head's origin, and their body type / height is proportional to their tank body.

Only the outer surface and some of the interior of the head is made of metal. The extra weight that the steel adds leads to the neck bones being stronger, but not in an outwardly noticeable way. Due to big parts of the head featuring air pockets (similar to bird bones), the additional weight isn't great. The surface can be modified and repainted easily.

Inside the head, the organs are re-arranged and modified to suit the head. The brain is usually located near the cannon breech.

Airways and optical nerves are rerouted. There is no actual mouth present, but a pseudo-mouth allows them to speak, despite being useless otherwise. Breathing happens through the cannon barrel, and also through a hole in the turret's floor. This hole may be circle- or rectangle-shaped and leaves enough space for the neck as well as a range of head movements.

The Headmeat

All hatches on the turret can be opened, and will expose the insides. Commonly just called "headmeat", it is the head's organs and the fleshy surface of the membrane that surrounds them. Opening the hatches should only be done in cases of emergency and by health professionals, since the insides are vulnerable to injury and infection.

Since the turret acts as the skull, a tank head that can't form a proper head at rebirth will most likely die immediately, akin to a human born without a complete skull. This concerns mostly open-topped or turret-less tanks.

Bodily Functions

Even though all organs of a human are present in a tank head, not all of them are functional. There are some similarities, but also some differences to regular human bodily functions.

  • Lungs: Fully functional. Tank heads can suffer from respiratory issues and infections. They can get sniffly.
  • Heart: Fully functional. Tank heads can bleed and die from blood loss. Their blood recovers normally.
  • Digestive Tract: Completely dysfunctional. The organs are there and fully developed, but don't do anything. They may contract diseases, however. It's possible for a tank head to vomit, even though they only have a sort of slimy coating instead of stomach acid.
  • Brain: Fully functional. The metal skull makes it very vulnerable to cold and heat. Concussions are more common than in humans due to the surrounding air pockets.

Hair and nails grow normally, and wounds from injuries or surgery heal at a normal rate. It is also possible for a tank head to tan. Their bodies age at a very slow rate; combined with the fact that they are already reborn as adults, this means that they generally appear as in their mid-20s.


The height, weight, and build of a tank head depends on what tank they were in their past life. Small tanks become shorter tank heads, big tanks become tall ones. A heavy tank will be meatier than for example a light tank destroyer. The tallest tank heads tend to be taller than regular humans, but so far the shortest known tank heads are about 1.50m (4'11') tall.

There are of course exceptions to this "rule", although they seem to be very rare. Despite some random variations, there are a lot of tank heads of the same tank model that simply look identical.


Tank heads are similar to humans, DNA-wise. Nevertheless, they're unable to produce offspring - neither with their own kind, nor with humans.

Relationships between tank heads are seen as unproblematic, but things get complicated when humans get involved. It is generally discouraged for tank heads to date humans. It's not only stigma - even tank heads themselves would often tell a friend not to get involved with a human. In fact, many relationships fail because of the fact that tank heads don't age like their human partners and can't have biological children.

Life and Death


When a tank is destroyed, a tank head gets reborn. The time this takes is seemingly random; it can take hours, or many years.

The process is unexplained. They just suddenly appear in the place that their tank self was destroyed, naked and with all the memories of their past life.

Like their bodies, their minds are those of adults when they are born. They lack life experience, though, which means that young tank heads act like young adults that lived a sheltered life at home and are now forced to deal with the outside world and their own problems for the first time.


When they are found after their rebirth, tank heads are taken to one of the special municipalities where their origin is determined. If possible, they are identified as their tank self and then receive whatever belongings or funds their crew intended for them.

Some turret heads are never reported to the municipalities and instead live their life as undocumented citizens. Reasons include trying to evade being transferred back to their countries of origin, or being victims of human trafficking. They often acquire fake IDs and work off the book.

Upon registration, a tank head is prompted to choose a first and last name for themself. Most go with random ordinary names, but some choose more unusual ones.


Many tank heads live in poverty. They usually don't have anyone to support them when they are reborn, and get a rough start in life. Finding education and jobs is tough for them, and many end up failing to get either. There are many associations and even private persons that try to support them, but successful and independent tank heads are still not the norm.


Once a tank head is killed, they stay dead for good. They can die from injury and sickness.


Many tank heads want to be seen as humans, but there are also ones who don't want to be associated with them. Those either see themselves as a sort of completely different species, sister-species, or just simply and plainly tanks.


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